My Must Have Items For Baby

 What Are My Must Haves For Baby?

When I was pregnant with my first son I thought I needed to go register everywhere and have a huge baby shower to get TONS of stuff!

Not so.

There’s so many baby things I got that I never opened or used. Let’s not get started on the amount of clothes that were never worn because babies grow so darn fast!

So fast forward to last year, my second pregnancy, we were ecstatic to find out it was girl! So I sold and gave away all of my son’s clothes, was ready to paint the nursery purple and pink, I had family give us baby girl clothes, even had this adorable car seat installed – Evenflo Embrace LX Infant Car Seat, Penelope

Only to find out 4 weeks before my due date, that there had been a mistake, our sweet girl was actually a boy!

So here we were, no boy things, a pink car seat, and I was scared to death my son was going to have to ride home in it! – Thank goodness he didn’t, we were able to get it exchanged for the blue version in time.

Here’s my list of baby items that are a MUST HAVE!

1. Swaddle Blankets! – What a life saver these are, I cannot for the life of me swaddle a baby in a regular blanket, these are super easy to use. I’ve used them with both of my sons and they are usually asleep before I’ve even finished wrapping them up!

2. Dr. Brown Bottles! – These are my favorite bottles, they may be a pain to clean, but it’s worth it! A little advice, only buy 2 bottles, and then rinse them out immediately after feeding, this will save them from getting gross, and you won’t end up with 5 bottles laying around the house, yuck! 

3. Fisher Price Automatic Rocker! – If I could recommend a product 1000 times over, it would be this. Yes we have a crib, but just like our first son it’s not going to get used very often. I just don’t like the idea of my baby sleeping too far away from me, or even in another room. This rocker is amazing, it’s the perfect height for our bed and he can sleep safely beside me, while being rocked all night long. The rocker has two settings, one for 6 hours and one for 30 minutes. A plus for me is it’s easy to take the cover off and wash!

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  1. We love Dr. Brown’s. Thise sre the only bottles weve ever used for our children! This list is great! If you learn early with your first child that you dont need a bunch of unnecessary crap just because its cute then youll save yourself a ton of money in the long run! Excellent read for new parents!

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