My Tips For Baby’s Safe Sleep! 

I believe every mom fears SIDS, for me I especially did with my first son. When we first brought him home we camped out in the living room for the first two months. Literally. We had moved his portable crib to the middle of our living room and we each had a couch to sleep on. We then took turns sleeping so that one of us would always be awake.

It was as awful as it sounds. There was one point we were so caught up in being new parents that we had forgotten to eat!!

We had a few scary moments with our son while he was sleeping. He slept on a flat mattress in a swaddle me. Every so often he would start to “gag” in his sleep, so of course it would send us straight into panic mode! Nobody would get sleep after something like this happened.

When he got a little bit older, he slept in the bed with me and and has never left, he’s now 2 1/2, which is fine. He actually doesn’t have a problem sleeping by himself, I miss him though!

We were more prepared with our second son.

Here’s my tips for safe sleep,

    1. My absolute #1 is the swaddleme blankets. I really don’t know how I would make it without them. It wraps your baby tight, super simple to use and safe for baby and it’s not being pulled over their face.
    2. With our second son, we bought a Fisher Price Rock and Play, the automatic rocking one. Love it!! It sits inclined so it reduces the risk of baby gagging. He’s slept in it since he was born and now going on 6 month, still sleeps perfect in it. Our bed isn’t on a frame so it’s perfect height to go right beside the bed!
    3. I suggest a sound machine that plays lullabies and white noise. If you don’t have a sound machine, there’s tons of apps that are available for download. Our sound machine plays nearly 24/7 because we’re so used to it being on that we don’t notice it. I think I sleep better with it as well. We keep it on “heavy rain”
    4. Give baby a nice warm bath with lavender baby wash. I like the one from The Honest Company, the Johnson & Johnson brand works just as well but I was trying to use something a little more natural. The nights where I give him a bath I really feel like he sleeps better.
    5. No pillows or blankets! If baby is in a swaddleme that’s all the blanket that you need, if you think it might be a little chilly, put a sleeper on and then the swaddleme. You don’t want the worry that a pillow or blanket is going to cover baby’s face in the middle of the night.
    6. Sleep with the fan on! It’s good to have air circulation while sleeping. It’s said that good air circulation can help reduce the risk of SIDS.
    7. Let them have a paci! Another one that is said can help reduce the risk of SIDS.
    8. I haven’t tried the cry it out method, I myself just wouldn’t be able to stand him crying. I also rock him to sleep in my arms before laying him down, 95% of the time he stays asleep. Here lately he has been waking up a few minutes after being put down but he’s going through teething 🙁

So what about those middle of the night feedings?

My son usually goes down for bed around 11, if he gets up in the middle of the night it’s around 4:30-5. I can make a bottle and leave him swaddled, feed him, get a little bit and he usually turns his head to the side and is right back out! Then I lay him down and go right back to sleep for a few more minutes before work!

I try to keep it as dark as possible, and not really talk to him so that he doesn’t get woken up more to the point where he won’t go back to sleep. At this time I don’t really need to change his diaper either, which is great because that would definitely get him woke up!

He’ll sleep till about 9 after this feeding and then he’s ready to get up for the day!

Hope you enjoyed my tips for baby’s safe sleep!!

8 thoughts on “My Tips For Baby’s Safe Sleep! 

  1. These are all so very important sleep tips for babies. In my line of work I see so many babies sleeping in unsafe ways, it is very scary. With both of my children we had an under the mattress monitor, it definitely was a must for us.

  2. Our little one has fallen asleep with white noise on since birth, couldn’t be without it! We have ours set to ‘womb’ 😂

  3. I love your sound machine tip. We have always had one wo hmu boys and have found it makes sleeping when we travel easier because have the familiar noise (we made the mistake of not having one and I could tell an immediate difference!)

  4. This is great! I totally agree with your tips. We did the cry it out method when our son was 8 months old, but our situation was a little different. It worked perfectly, though. He would cry for *maybe* five minutes and then be out like a light for the night. I thought it would break my heart to listen to him cry, but it was a huge blessing not to have him cry too long.

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