How I Make Money With ibotta 

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Everytime I go grocery shopping I’m out to get the best deal! What’s even better? When I get money back for the items I purchase!

One of the ways I get money back is with an app called ibotta.

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ibotta gives you a bunch of stores to choose from, from there you’re able to add items to your shopping list. Once purchased you will upload your receipt and scan the product to get your rebate!

One thing I like about ibotta is if you purchase an item at the store and then check the app after you get home, you’re still able to add the item to your shopping list and still get the rebate. Some apps require you to add the items before you purchase.

ibotta has monthly teamwork bonuses as well, the more team members you have the easier it is to get bonuses! You can easily add team members if you are connected to Facebook and your friends have ibotta, they will automatically be there!

Along with teamwork bonuses, ibotta offers regular bonuses for purchasing certain things, or redeeming x amount of rebates. I scored $10 for March for redeeming 10 rebates!

Your rebates are credited pretty quickly, if you purchases from say, Groupon it will take awhile to credit.

Once you have enough to cash out you have several different options, my favorite is PayPal and then I can transfer to my bank.

Earn an extra $10 when you Sign up!

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