How I Cleared My Acne

Disclaimer- All products mention in this post were purchased with my own money, all thoughts are my own. 

I suffered with acne for years! Mostly throughout my middle and high school years, and literally tried everything to clear my skin up!

What did not work?

Proactive – I tried their three step system, not once but multiple times through my clear skin journey. Their products burned and broke my skin out that much more! Another thing I didn’t like was it dried my skin out to where it would peel so bad! I did like their cleanser and the grittiness of it, it definitely felt like it would do some good, but no.

Melaleuca – I’m not positive on the exact name of their system as this was almost ten years ago! But it did nothing. I’m all for Tea Tree Oil, but their system did not help, it didn’t make it worse so there’s a plus.

Nature’s Cure 2 Part Acne Treatment – This kit comes with pills as well as a vanishing cream. You can get this over the counter at Amazon, CVS, Walgreens etc. I took the pills religiously and didn’t notice a difference.

Neautrogena Acne Stress Control – This wash worked surprising well for awhile! I loved this wash… until it stopped working for me, almost like my skin got used to it. I even tried to use something else for awhile and go back to using it, it was a no go.

So I gave up on over the counter treatments, and decided to see a dermatalogist.

Lasers – I first tried to zap my Acne with laser treatments. I ended up suffering through an hour of pain each time to walk out of the office with a super red face that lasted for a few days, no help for the Acne. I do not recommend.

Benzoyl Wash and Retinol – I wish I could recall the exact names but unfortunately I can’t. I was prescribed a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash and a retinol cream. These work for awhile, but just like the wash before my skin got used to it and it stopped working, not to mention they were super unaffordable.

Then I saw a different dermatologist.

This next dermatologist suggest more natural products. This was what he suggested.

Purpose Face Wash – Wash morning and night, rinse with cold cold water.

CeraVe Face Cream – Use morning and night as a moisturizer.

That’s it.

Of course I didn’t think it was going to work, neither of those have any Acne fighting ingredients!! But it did! My skin cleared up so much! Of course it wasn’t perfect. It didn’t clear it 100%.

So then I started having to use a product for a completely unrelated health reason…. so without further delay . . .


I then came across this gem. This is an antiseptic wash, you can find it on Amazon or at Walmart in the bandaid section. I prefer Amazon since I go through it and I can buy a big bottle.

Witch Hazel- I started using witch hazel as a toner and I absolutely love it!

Aloe Vera- Just plain 100% Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturizer. The CeraVe I was using was great for winter, at night time. It was super thick and just too much for those hot days. Aloe Vera is very light!

And that’s it, those three products I have been using for 7+ years to keep my skin clear!! None of them have “Acne treatments” in them. Occasionally I have a break out, usually due to stress but other than that my skin has never been clearer!


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