A Working Mom’s Weekend 

It’s Sunday night and I’m laying in bed writing this post as my boys are asleep. I need to go to bed myself and get ready to start another long work week. 

My weekends really go by so fast! I feel so guilty that I’m not spending every second of them playing with the boys. I’m busy trying to clean the house and wash the weeks worth of laundry, not to mention getting that laundry put away. 

I usually try to start my weekend chores Thursday night so that I might be able to relax just a tad on the weekend, it doesn’t happen though haha. 

I have a million and one things that I want to get done on the weekends but there’s never enough time! Before I know it it’s Sunday night and there’s no way that I can get things done during the week! 

So in between laundry loads, cups of coffee, running the vacuum and scrubbing the bathrooms, my weekends look a lot like this: 

If anyone knows how to make more minutes in the day, please let me know! 

9 thoughts on “A Working Mom’s Weekend 

  1. Ugh, being a working mom is so hard! You have a million and one things to do all the time and never enough time. My husband and I got so tired of running around every weekend not doing anything on our “fun” list with the kids that we established a cleaning routine during the week. Of course some weeks life happens and all of it gets left until the weekend. But, those weeks we stick to it – our weekends are so much more enjoyable. We don’t spend more than 30 minutes a night cleaning after the boys go down and it’s amazing how much the 30 minutes a day saves us on the weekend!

  2. I love your cute photos of your family. I’m lucky that I can work from home, so that I can set the washer off etc whilst I work. Can you get any flexibility in your job? Looks like you’re having plenty of fun amidst the chaos xx

  3. My tip is to not wait until the weekend for the big chores. I got in the habit of throwing a load in the washer every morning and can get it in the dryer if I can’t get it further every morning. This keeps me from tons of laundry on the weekends. I also clean the bathroom daily too. Just a clorox wipe around the place.

    try to do a little bit each day and then you wont get loaded down on the weekend.

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