DIY Bathroom Makeover 

My husband and I have talked about doing some small remodels in the house, but there’s always too much TALKING about doing it and never actually getting it done. *eyeroll* 

So I woke up one Saturday morning, walked into our kids’ bathroom and decided that we would start in this room. It’s the smallest room, not TOO much work to be done, and I could do most of it by myself. 

That same morning, while my husband was already at work, I started taking doors off the cabinets. 

And because I completely forgot to take a before photo with the doors on, this is my before… 

My list of this I wanted to change:

  • Paint the cabinets white 
  • New cabinet door hinges (the ones we had on there were old, and gold, I hate gold!)
  • New counter top 
  • New sink 
  • Paint the walls 
  • New floor vent (not pictured) 
  • New door knob (again not pictured and this was gold too. Yuck)
  • Paint the door 

So I started painting the cabinets white! Luckily it was nice out to put the doors outside and paint them. It took a good 3 coats before I was satisfied.

Once the cabinets were painted, I ripped the sink out, it was a plastic sink and came out a lot easier than I thought! 

I absolutely hate that purple/maroon color, and for some reason our house was covered in it when we first bought it. We are slowly getting rid of this color everywhere in the house. 

To paint the top I used a spray sand stone, which when we do the master bathroom I won’t use. It took days to get the smell out of the house. 

It took 3 spray cans to get the coverage I wanted, let it dry and then coated the top with epoxy. 

It came out so much better than I thought!! All that was needed was a new sink!

My husband had to help get the sink installed because we needed to repipe some of it. 

Put the doors and new hardware on, painted the walls and BAM new bathroom!! I’m so happy with the way it came out!! 

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  1. I absolutely love this! A little paint makes such a huge impact. We also have a ton of things to do to our house and like you we talk more than do. I think this looks awesome. Great job!

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