Lucky To Live In : Book Review 

Lucky to Live in North Carolina, series by Arcadia Publishing 

This book is perfect to pick up if your a parent with young children. I look forward to the years to come when my son looks back through this book at the memories it will hold. 

Each book in the series is completely tailored to each state. The book mentions relevant landmarks, traditional foods, state flowers and animals. It also has interactive pages for your little to put their own creativity into the book. 

My son loves the bright and colorful pages of his Lucky to Live in North Carolina book! This is definitely a book that I’m going to be putting up and saving for him to cherish when he’s older. 

You can find your Lucky to Live in book on Amazon, you can also find them at your local Sam’s, Costco and Walgreens! 

I hope that you and your little enjoy this book as much as we do! 

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