What I Want To Accomplish In 2018

At the end of 2017 I scrolled across a notebook page that had a list of “2017” goals. I was actually surprised that some of them had been completed, even though I hadn’t looked at that notebook page since the beginning of 2017.

That’s not what I want this year. I want to make a list of things I want to accomplish and then make small goals each month that will help me with those accomplishments.

  • Pay off my car

So, this one is almost a no brainer, it’s definitely going to be paid off here in the next few months and I absolutely can’t wait!!

  • Redo our kitchen

This past year I spent many many days, weeks, months, working on redoing our two bathrooms. The kitchen is literally the last room that needs something done to it. Then of course it would be time to go back through the house making minor touch ups.

  • Make one blog post a week

I haven’t worked as much as I thought I would on this blog. I need to set aside time to at least get one blog post up a week!

  • Take an actual vacation

This is an up in the air goal, I really would love to go on vacation(the beach). But then again I’m not sure if I want to deal with the hassle.

  • Make it to 20k followers!!

It’s going to a stretch to meet this goal! I’d be amazed if I see 20k this year on Instagram, I’m also planning a huge giveaway once I get there, so follow — @katiereese94

  • Work on the Coffee And Chaos Club YouTube channel!

I’m not entirely sure what type of videos will be going up, but for now you check out this cute one

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