Product Fail : EOS Crystal

Does anyone else spend way too much time scrolling through Amazon? I really wish Amazon didn’t have the “new and interesting finds section” I could spend an entire day looking at everything!! My wallet isn’t big enough!

Throughout my hours of scrolling through Amazon I came across….

It’s gorgeous right?! I immediately fell in love and had to have it, and it came in vanilla flavor! Double win!

I couldn’t bring myself to order it though, I needed to see it in person. On one of my next Target trips I remembered to look for it. Sure enough it was in stores, and who knows I may be really late knowing about it because who looks for chapstick regularly??

Bought it at Target, couldn’t wait to get it out of the package and try it out, even had to make myself wait because I needed a picture first lol. This was going to be my “work desk” chapstick.

There I was, gliding this super pretty chapstick across my lips…. and nothing! It didn’t even feel like I had put chapstick on!

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved EOS products in the past, love their other lip balms and shaving cream!

But oh no, not this one. I feel like I literally have to scrub it on my lips for there to be any type of hydration. Even then within minutes my lips are dry and because I bought this to keep at work I still find myself reaching for my purse chapstick right after I’ve applied this one.

I’ve kept using it thinking it’ll get better, it’s just the first layer. Nope. Still the same. It’s still awful.

I wanted so much to like this, I mean it’s so pretty and interesting! But this is definitely a FAIL from me.

If you’d like to check this out yourself (maybe it’ll work for you?) here ya go….

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