Bedtime Routine For Toddlers

Do you have young children? If so, you’re probably exhausted! My boys don’t sleep good at all! At least not at night, they sleep wonderfully during the day while I’m at work! Go figure!

We have figured out a few tips that I feel definitely helps them (me) get a few hours of shut eye during the night.

First, we start off with nice long bath play session. For the longest time they hated getting a bath, but we’ve found Color Bath Drops and bath bombs to make bath time more fun! (I couldn’t find a good link for them online but I get them at Big Lots for just $1!). They love getting to choose what color to change the water!

After bath time we get settled in our Pjs and have some chocolate milk! We also give our youngest a dose of melatonin thanks to a tip from a friend!

We use the liquid from Natrol, Thomas loves it and it helps him stay asleep through the night!

They both pile in our bed with their chocolate milk and their special pillows!

It needs to be noted that Carter would not let me take a picture of him smiling without his new sunglasses on. Thomas doesn’t understand either.

Once the chocolate milk is gone and the movie (or two) is over, they are fast asleep.

He looks like a doll sleeping on his Memory Foam Cooling Pillow from Safe & Soft A good pillow is essential for a good nights sleep! This one does the trick!

You can use code 30KATIEREESE to get 30% off a pillow of your own and get to sleeping!

Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel from Save & Soft

Look at those cheeks!!

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