Carter’s 4th Birthday!

This year Carter asked for a LEGO cake and rainbow toys!

When I say this kid asked for a LEGO cake, he asked for a LEGO cake months in advance! He never changed his mind about this LEGO cake. When it got closer for me to start making it he asked all day constantly if it was ready.

The best part is on the day of his birthday I was telling him we would have his party that weekend with his cake. He told me he couldn’t turn 4 until his LEGO cake was done hahaha!

So behold, the famous LEGO cake (he wants another one already!)

My icing is lumpy because I goofed at first and everything iced, then realized I really needed another layer on top so that it would look right!

Most importantly Carter was in love!

So my next dilemma was finding something that was a rainbow toy. Off to Amazon I went!

I found the perfect thing! I probably like this better than the boys do.

You Can Find Here on Amazon!

This wooden rainbow is gorgeous and will keep your kids entertained with the various shapes they can make!

Next is to plan Thomas’ 2nd birthday!

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