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We’ve all been there, the times where it seemed no matter what we did our baby just wasn’t happy!

So I’ve made a short and sweet list of things to make sure of and try if your baby won’t settle!

You’re baby won’t settle if:

  • They need a diaper change
  • They need to be fed
  • They’re cold/hot
  • They’re tired
  • They’ve had a lot of stimulation
  • They just want to be held!

They need a diaper change:

I think this one gets over looked a lot, and no I don’t mean people aren’t changing diapers! But you may think that baby doesn’t need a diaper, but the slightest bit of wetness could be what’s keeping them unsettled.

They need to be fed:

But I just fed them! Try a little bit more, sometimes they need just a top off to get settled, and sometimes, randomly, they’ll eat another 2 ounces! – It’s worth a try, even if you just fed them.

They’re cold or hot:

Babies tend to get hot and sweaty while they’re being held/fed. Try turning on a fan and laying them down to cool off. Or, maybe they’ve gotten too cold and need warmer clothes on.

They’re tired:

Yes, your baby may not be settling because they’re so tired! Try a dark room with white noise, fan going, and a nice swaddle while rocking them. They may still cry for a min or two before relaxing!

They’ve had a lot of stimulation:

I’ve found that my baby can get extra grumpy if I’ve tried to keep him up longer than normal and he’s had activity that he’s not used to.

They just want to be held:

You cannot spoil a baby, read that again. Sometimes they just want to be held, walked around, you cannot spoil them! Go outside for some fresh air, walk around the house, just hold that baby!

Keep a look out for my next post on all my baby sleeping tips!


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