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We need all the sleep! Which is why I’m sharing my top 10 baby sleeping tips. Please keep in mind that these are what I have found that works for me. Some things you may not agree with or need to do your own research on before trying!

1. Swaddle!

Swaddling has to be my number one tip! However, even after 3 babies I cannot wrap a proper swaddle blanket to save my life! I recommend these SwaddleMe Newborn Pods and when they get a little older the original SwaddleMe

– You should stop swaddling when baby can roll over!

2. Weighted Sleep Sack

About the time that we needed to stop swaddling I was introduced to Dreamland Baby (use code KATIE for 15% off). We have used this sack ever since we received! It’s amazing and I wish they had one in my size! Now I was a little hesitant, but the top has little pockets with beads for gentle weight that promote sleep! The sack zips up and is secure, it also has a double zipper for easy diaper changes!

3. White Noise

I’ve used white noise with all 3 of my boys and it works wonders. You can purchase a white noise machine , download a white noise app, or even look up white noise on your YouTube app (especially if you have a ROKU TV). I have an extra phone that I use specifically to play the white noise app.

4. Diffuser

This is a new one that I recently started using. I’ve always know Lavender is great for sleep but the past few months I started diffusing it! Let’s just say the whole room sleeps so much more peacefully! I personally use Young Living

5. TV

From day one I always play a TV to have some background noise and get them used to sleeping with noise. This comes in handy so they are not easily woke from the sound of people talking!

6. Color Changing Lights

I’ve found that have a color changing light can be calming. The baby will focus on the light and slowly drift to sleep!

7. Bath

This is one I think everyone knows! A nice bath with lavender scents is the perfect recipe for sleep!

8. Fan

I don’t know why but I sleep better, and my babies sleep better when the fan is running, plus is provides a tiny bit of white noise!

9. Bottle

I always wait till it’s time to eat to lay my baby down. So it’s get in bed, feed bottle, sleep! A baby will not sleep if they’re hungry!

10. Cool Room

Do you sleep better if it’s a bit chilly? I cannot sleep if the heat is running, I just burn up! As much as I love the warmth, I just cannot sleep! My baby can’t either!! I suggest keeping the temp around 70-72 for sleeping!


  1. Great tips! I would also add a consistent sleep routine. Babies can recognize patterns from a surprisingly early age and when you perform the same or similar pattern, their natural body response will be to become sleepy. Think pavlov’s dog. It can be something as simple as change the diaper, swaddle, milk, and then play a special song that you only play at nap and bedtime.

    Danielle from Whether the Storm

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