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Have you thought about discovering Vejo for yourself?

Have you seen the Vejo craze on Instagram?

The Vejo is stunning to say the least.

What exactly is Vejo? Vejo is the worlds first pod based blender and it’s sure to become a staple if you love smoothies!

Roughly 5 years ago I bought an expensive blender system because I love smoothies and I thought I’d be making myself smoothies a lot. I was wrong. I have used that expensive blender maybe 10 times, and maybe twice to make a smoothie.

I use my Vejo several times a week! Their blends are made from freeze dried fruits and veggies. It only takes 30 seconds to blend and you’re ready to go!

The Clean Greens blend pod

The day I took the photos for this post was gorgeous out. We had weeks of rain and I waited for this perfect day! — I also decided to try the Clean Greens blend!

All the goodness and nutrients packed right in!

I filled my Vejo with the recommended cold water.

Place the pod upside down

It’s as easy as placing your pod, twisting the lid on top and waiting 30 seconds for it to blend!


Clean Greens over ice!

I decided to pour mine over ice but you can enjoy straight from your Vejo

If you would like one for yourself go to Vejo and check out their starter kits. A starter kit will get you your Vejo and 8 blends! You can add a second 8 pack and use code KREESE8PACK to get that pack free!

What blends do I recommend?

  • Tart Berry – hands down my favorite!
  • Clean Greens
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Banana Almond
Tart Berry

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