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  1. Halloween Movie Night
  2. Room to Room Trick or Treat
  3. Haunted Outdoor Walk
  4. Glow in the Dark Trick or Treat
  5. Halloween Baking
  6. Haunted Ginger Bread Houses
  7. Pumpkin Carving
  8. Pumpkin Painting
  9. Halloween Themed Dinner
  10. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This is a sad year for Halloween and well, any holiday really. I know where we live there isn’t a set answer on if a lot of people will be participating in Halloween and handing out candy.

We have a few places that are going to set up drive-thru trunk-or-treats. We’re going to plan for a fun night at home and maybe hit a few of the drive-thru trunk-or-treats.

1. Halloween Movie Night – This is a super fun idea, I’ve seen the “movie boxes” for kids on Pinterest. You can pack a movie, new pjs, maybe a book, a small toy and some candy in a movie box for movie night! Or order in some pizza, have some popcorn and candy and a list of great movies to watch!

2. Room to Room Trick or Treat – Set up little candy stands in each room, go all out and decorate each room in a different theme!

3. Haunted Outdoor Walk – If you have space where you can decorate outside and create a small “trail” this is great! Decorate and created a haunted trail to take the kids on!

4. Glow in the Dark Trick or Treat – This one could be a super fun time! Stock up on all things glow in the dark, bracelets, sticks, necklaces etc. turn off all the lights and then go room to room getting candy, or do this one outside!

5. Halloween Baking – Search Pinterest for some adorable Halloween baking ideas! Get the kids involved! Make a Halloween cake, cookies, snacks!

6. Haunted Ginger Bread Houses – Or just a Halloween ginger bread house! I’ve seen a few kits for these at Target and think this is the cutest idea!

Halloween House Craft Kit

7. Pumpkin Carving – As always, pumpkin carving! What’s better than a good pumpkin carving competition??

8. Pumpkin Painting – If you thinking carving is overrated, paint them, decorate them with other things (googly eyes, markers, lights).

Pumpkin Paint Kit – Frankenstein

Crayola Pumpkin Painting Kit

9. Halloween Themed Dinner – Can you get creative and make a completely Halloween themed dinner? Followed by those Halloween baking ideas! There’s ton of ideas on Pinterest for this too!

10. Halloween Scavenger Hunt – This is another one that could be set up inside or outside and be rewarded with candy!

I think this is a great starting list to get the creative juices flowing and come up with a plan to make the best of Halloween this year!

A lot of these can be combined to have a fun filled day!

Let me know what your plans are this year and if there’s anything you would add to this list!

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