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There’s not a lot of meal plans that deliver to my house, which is one of the reason I love Eat To Evolve. I mean, It needs to be delivered to my house for me to be able to love it right?

I’ve looked for the longest time trying to find a meal plan/meal prep type of subscription box, even more so that my husband and I started doing the Keto diet.

This box is it! They actually have a keto specific subscription box, but if you’re not a fan of having a subscription, you can order everything seperately too!

Each week, you’ll put in your order by Friday 10am CST, your food is cooked fresh over the weekend and then shipped out that Monday. Food is fresh, never frozen!

Once you get your box of course you can put your meals in the freezer. I put my meals straight into the fridge because I eat them before their best by date.

The best part, it only takes 2 minutes to heat up your meals and you have a fully cooked meal! These aren’t just for keto dieters, or any dieter in fact, these are perfect for the mom that barely gets a minute during the dat to eat, these are great for prepackaged healthy lunches, dinners, even breakfast!

Some of my favorite meals are the Grilled Chicken with Green Beans, I order 3 of these every week! I also love the Smoked Chorizo Scramble! They have great grab and go’s that do not require being heated, great little snacks!

If you’re looking to try out a meal delivery, I highly reccomned this one, so many good options!

You can use my code KATIE15 to get 15% off your box at Eat To Evolve

Let me know what you get in your box!

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