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Making a house feel like a home takes time, effort, and patience. However, there are a few things that you can do to make it feel like your own home faster. If you recently moved into a new home, or if you did a big renovation, these tips are for you! Here are 7 ways to make a house feel like a home:

Tell your movers where to place items

If you hired a moving company, tell them where you want large furniture to be placed. This way, you are saving time and effort on your part + you will have your home the way you want it to look as soon as you move everything in. This will immediately make it feel more inviting and more like your home, instead of just another house. Need movers? Check out College Dudes Help U Move. They are Charlotte furniture movers, so even if you are not moving, but you need furniture moved around your home (or to storage or to another home), they can help you out. Need help with an office move? Call them up! What about packing supplies or shrink wrapping? They can help with that, too. The options are unlimited and they are truly a full-service moving company that bends over backwards to meet their clients expectations (and then, they go above and beyond the expectations).


Improve safety

Who wants to move into a home and not feel safe? Not me! There are many different ways that you can help improve the safety of your home such as purchasing a security system, installing indoor, outdoor, and even doorbell cameras, and having a guard dog and watchful neighbors.

Meet your neighbors

Sometimes it can feel odd being in a place with new neighbors around you. Go out of your way to meet them! Knowing that you have a “friend” next door could make a huge difference in how the home and neighborhood feels, so it is definitely worth a shot!

Bring out special items

Even if you are not 100% moved in yet, I highly recommend packing a box of memorable items and unpacking it first. These special items can be absolutely anything. A special blanket, your favorite cookware, your favorite sweatshirt, bubble bath, whatever. As long as it feels like “home” to you, that is all that matters!

Have your home deep cleaned beforehand

Hiring a house cleaner before you move in could be one of the best decisions you will make. If you did renovations before moving in, there will definitely be some kind of dust that will be hard to clean up. If you did not do renovations, just think about how nice it will be to start fresh and not have to worry about dust on the blinds, dirt on the baseboards, or other feet on the shower floor. Do yourself a favor by hiring a one time deep cleaning of your new home before moving in. You’ll definitely thank me! 

Get the smell “right”

You know how everyone’s home has a unique smell? Well, walking into a house that smells like someone else definitely does not make it feel like YOUR home. When you move in, start unpacking and maybe diffuse some essential oils. I also recommend airing out your home and maybe getting a duct cleaning, too. Once it starts smelling less like the previous owners, it will feel more like your own home to you!


Take a deep breath

Sometimes, it just takes time for a house to feel like a home. Do not get discouraged if this doesn’t happen immediately! It will happen one way or another, so just give it time.

Moving to a new home is stressful and once you are in it, you just want it to feel like home. Using some of these tips and tricks will help it feel more like home, one day at a time!

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