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I’m Airing All Of My Dirty Laundry 

Laundry is my worst chore, I never seem to get it under control and I always have baskets of clothes that need my attention. 

I have found a few tricks to make it not so overwhelming though! 

For starters, I couldn’t stand trying to clean things in a space that wasn’t clean. What I mean by this is having liquid washing detergent everywhere! It didn’t matter what bottle or brand I would get, that stuff gets everywhere. If you get one with a spout, thinking that it’s going to make life simpler, no, it doesn’t. You end up with a cabinet full of slimy laundry detergent because they all drip. So, something else for you to clean up. 

You know what solves this problem? 

Tru Earth.

Tru Earth is an eco-friendly laundry detergent that saves you space and saves you the headache of a mess! 

These little strips are powerful when it comes to washing your clothes! They leave no residue on your clothes or in your washer, everything dissolves completely! Your clothes are left clean and smelling great! 

They come in three fragrances, Fresh Linen, Baby, and Fragrance-Free. My favorite is Fresh Linen, it’s a brisk clean laundry scent! 

A few other tips for making laundry manageable, because I’ve finally faced that with a household of 5 people, it will never be caught up. 

  1. Have a laundry basket for each room or person – more baskets, more loads, but less clothes in each load! 
  2. Never start another load of clothes until the load that’s in the dryer is dry and folded and put away. This cuts down on the amount of times you will spend re-washing the clothes in the washer because you didn’t get them to the dryer in time. I’ve made this mistake way too many times! 
  3. I’m not sure this one is really laundry related, but keep a box near the washer and dryer that you can toss old, too small, clothes you’re not going to wear anymore into, this helps a lot! Especially with kids growing out of clothes so quickly, this saves so much time from having to dig through their closet and pull out small clothes!

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