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If your kids are anything like mine, you know all about LegoLand. Let me guess, your kids saw Ryan at LegoLand right?

I’m right, aren’t I?

The good news is, LegoLand is fun for everyone, of any age! We’ve been wanting to take the boys for a few years now. So, when LegoLand offered us tickets to the theme park we planned for our trip to Florida!

There’s LegoLand!!

I mean, you can’t beat this excitement!

We stayed in The Pirate Island Hotel which is connected to the main LegoLand Hotel, and you can check in at the kiosk in the main lobby. Check in was seriously a breeze and the easiest check in (and check out) that I’ve ever experienced at a hotel.

Pirate Island Room First Impression

I think I was just as excited about staying at LegoLand, I’m not going to lie!

Our room was so kid friendly and we started our stay with an in room treasure hunt! We did end up having to unplug and put up the two Alexas that were in the room (toddler problems) but I thought they were pretty neat!!

The kids bunk bed with trundle is separate from the parents king bed. There’s a tv for the kids and a tv for the parents. The bathroom was in between, so this allowed for a lot of space, we couldn’t hear the kids tv while they were watching.

The boys loved the bunk beds! They slept on them every night we were there without hesitation. They loved them so much that I’m now looking for a set of bunk beds for the house!

The bathroom was complete with a Lego shower and pirate themed decor, down to kids bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner and lotion, so so cute!! I also LOVED that they have the toilet seats with the kids seat built in, just like we have at home so potty time was a breeze! They also had a kids stool, I mean completely kid friendly!!

We were at LegoLand for 2 full days and 3 nights. The first day we got there after the park closed. There’s still a ton of things to do inside the hotel, they have nightly kids entertainment while you can entertain yourself at one of the bars, and watch the kids play at the same time!

On to the park. The park is so big and there’s SO much to do!! We weren’t able to fit it everything within 2 days. Our next trip to LegoLand with be at the least 7 days!

There’s something for toddlers, the little kids, big kids, and adults! Wait time was not horrible at all! I think the longest we waiting in line was around 35min for the Ninjano ride.

A huge tip is download the Legoland app, where you will see estimated wait times for everything, height requirements and a map of the park with step by step instructions on where to go.

Buy the souvenir cup. It’s worth it for unlimited refills and you will use your money’s worth.

Take a stroller for the kids 3 and under, thank me later. If you forget, you can rent a stroller there!

Scared it may rain? That’s okay!! You’ll still have fun! There’s plenty of rides that still operate when it rains, and plenty of indoor activities too!

I really enjoyed LegoLand, it was a workout with 3 kids, but just the simple fact that everyone around was understanding the same exact struggles, it made it easier!

Ohhh I also need to mention the pools at the hotel! There’s 2 pools, one for the main hotel and one for The Pirate Island hotel. The entire time I never saw less than 3 lifeguards on duty, which made me feel so much better about having all 3 kids in the pool (all who don’t know how to swim yet). The majority of the pool less than 3 feet deep, so my 4 year old could stand up completely in half the pool.

They don’t want you to use your own pool floats but they do have plenty of life jackets to choose from!

We dined at Bricks all you can eat buffet for one of the nights and we enjoyed it as much as we could with all 3 kids, I’m not going to sugar coat it. It was rough trying to get everyone plates but the food was good and there was nothing I could complain about!

One thing is for sure, get up early enough to get down to the included all you can eat breakfast! You can go to either Bricks on the main hotel side or Shipwreck on the Pirate Island side. The earlier the better for wait time! It’s so worth it, they bring out a skillet of goodies and will bring more until you’re satisfied.

The servers were the best! Even with my difficult middle child who doesn’t eat normally and would keep asking for boxes of Froot Loops and sweet tea for breakfast.

A big part of our stay was 4th of July fireworks! They did fireworks for the 3rd and 4th but unfortunately we missed them on the 3rd. You’ll want to get in the park early to get a good spot and they will not disappoint with these fireworks. Be sure to grab your 3d glasses to watch the fireworks turn into Lego bricks!!

Thank you LegoLand for being absolutely amazing!!

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