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You’ve probably stubbled across this post because your baby or toddler is struggling with eczema and you’re struggling to find relief.

I’ve been there. Where you go to the store, pick up a few lotions and creams that are made for eczema, but no relief!

I’ve even tried the expensive creams that you see advertised everywhere. Everything from expensive to DIY, desperate to find some relief for my son.

My son is three and we’ve been struggling to find something to get his eczema under control.

During his sleep he would scratch the inside of his elbows until they were bleeding and then wake up crying in pain.

We were finally introduced to Eczema Care Cream

My first impression I was highly impressed with the packaging- packaged in a glass jar and the ingredients – all natural!

I love that the company creates their cream in small batches, and doesn’t test on animals!

Their cream smells so amazing too, the best smelling eczema cream!

The first difference I noticed was that when we applied Eczema Care Cream to Thomas’ arm for the first time, he didn’t start crying telling us to take it off and that it hurt. He would always do this with other creams!

After one week of use there was a noticeable difference, and no more scratching during the night!

We would apply morning and night before bed and maybe once or twice through the day if he got itchy.

Fast forward to just a few weeks of use …

His arm is healing so nicely! We’ve still got some rough patches but it’s getting there. After months and months of him scratching and damaging his skin, this is amazing to me!

After everything we tried, I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Eczema Care Cream

Check them out for yourself! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


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