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After having my third baby I was the heaviest I have ever been (besides being pregnant). I’m small person, have always been small, so it really took a toll on me.

I suffered with SPD (Symphysis Pubic Disorder) for the last part of my second pregnancy and for my whole third pregnancy.

If you’re not familiar, SPD makes it extremely painful to walk, lay down, sit, put on pants, and rolling over in bed is near impossible.

So as much as I tried to stay active I just couldn’t. My heart rate would be in the 150’s from just laying down!

I had a great plan to diet and loose the weight I wanted. I nearly starved myself, I was trying these crazy “boiled egg diets” I had found on Pinterest. Weight would not budge and I felt terrible!

I decided to try The 3 simple steps . I had tried these a few year ago for extra energy and fell in love with the shakes.

So I started taking My 3 steps, eating pretty much what I wanted, and working out 30 minutes a day a few days a week.

The weight finally started coming off, I felt great! Within a month I was down 10 pounds! I swear it’s all thanks to these 3 steps!

Just 3 steps a day that’s it!

If you want to give it a try for yourself CLICK HERE

If you need help or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, send me a DM @KatieReese94


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