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Verb Energy was so kind and sent me a starter kit of their caffeine bars!

These have quickly become my go-to for an afternoon pick me up or even a quick bite for lunch. Because you know, sometimes I just don’t have the time fix lunch and sit down to eat it.

The bars contain 65mg of caffeine, which is as much as an espresso! But the caffeine comes from green tea, so no crash and no jitters!

They have a ton of flavors. If you’re not a huge coffee fan I highly suggest the Lemon Raspberry or Salted Peanut Butter! I don’t even think I can pick a favorite flavor because there’s so many that I would reach for! Even the Coconut Chai, I am not a coconut person at all, unless its real coconut. I just never really like coconut flavored anything, but the Coconut Chai bars are really good!

So, 65mg of caffeine, no crash, no jitters, and… only 90 calories!

Not only have they created this magical bar of caffeine, but their customer service is probably the best I’ve experienced! You can just text them! Seriously, just send them a text to change your order, ask a question or send them a photo of your dog!

So what do the Verb Energy bars cost?

Right now if you click Here you can get a starter kit for $9! Plus you get free shipping!

What’s in a Starter Kit

A starter kit comes with 12 bars of the flavor of your choosing. They will also include 4 other bars of the other flavors for you to try!

If you like coffee they have Vanilla Latte or Pumpkin Spice Latte but like I said if you don’t like coffee they have some amazing other flavors too!!

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