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If you’re like me, you’ve been struggling to find your “go-to” shampoo and conditioner. If you’re like me, you need this haircare line now!

We already know I’m a huge fan of DERMA-E. I’ve only tried their skincare, until now.

I’ve had my eye on their Scalp Relief line for a while now and it was my chance to to give it a try! — Thank you so much Derma-e!!

I cannot express how much this shampoo line has saved my scalp.

Derma-e Scalp Relief

I’ve battled scalp issues since my first pregnancy nearly 7 years ago. I’ve had an itchy scalp, buildup, dandruff, dryness, I don’t even know what!! No other shampoo line helped! Nothing! I tried it all, all short of going to the doctor because I just don’t have the time to go.

This worked!! Derma-e worked! I’m shook! The shampoo and conditioner immediately felt like heaven and have an amazing cooling sensation.

Derma-e Scalp Relief Treatment

I love the scalp relief treatment too, so much that I definitely need this in a jumbo size. The bonding hair repair oil is great too! I smooth it over my ends and it’s not oily at all! It gives my hair a beautiful shine!

Derma-e Bonding Hair Repair Oil

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