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I recently had the opportunity to try out KetoKrate – Thank you KetoKrate for sending me this box!!

I haven’t spoke about my Keto journey here on my blog yet, I was giving it more time to make sure I was going to stick with it and get to know the ends and out. If you follow my instagram, I give updates there regularly along with recommendations and recipes. It’s going very well and I’ll post a blog post all about it soon!

But it’s time to jump into this box! If you don’t like scrolling and just need a discount code – COFFEEANDCHAOSCLUB Click Here To Get $10 Off Your Box!

KetoKrate is a monthly subscription box full of Keto Friendly snacks and foods! This is a great way to discover and try new things. One of the things about starting Keto is that you are probably going to buy things that you have never set your eyes on before. This was at least true for me. I completely changed the way I shopped and everything I eat now, I was not eating 2 months ago.

I’ve bought a lot of things that I just didn’t like and now I know to not buy, I still spent the money though and it is a trial and error process for sure.

But that’s why I like KetoKrate, they give you small samples and some full size items too! It’s delivered right to your door and you get exclusive access to their Keto Member Only Shop!

My first box was their February box and I loved 90% of everything that was in my box. In fact, I’ve already set up a few things to be on my monthly amazon prime delivery!

So let me go over a few things that were in my box.

I did a cute unboxing with Lincoln grabbing everything out of the box, I’ll post it here

Moon Cheese Snacks – White Cheddar Black Peppa

These are pretty yummy cheese curds! This brand also offers several different flavors and it looks like they are starting to offer packs with nuts and cheese!

Snack House Foods – Cheeseburger Puffs

Talk about cheeseburger in your mouth in a little crunchy ball form! They taste exactly like a Burger King cheeseburger!! So good, a great go-to snack when you are craving something crunchy! Also, they have a “Keto Cereal Fruity Rubbles” and I’m definitely going to have to find this!

Kiss My Keto – Pumpkin Seeds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

This company has so much to offer and I can’t wait to try more from them! The dark chocolate bar was included in the February KetoKrate box and I’m beyond thankful it was. I’m not a huge chocolate person but when you change your diet to something that can’t include chocolate, you crave it. This bar was so delicious. I love it, my husband loved, my kids loved it. Needless to say, this exact bar is on my monthly amazon order now! Go check our their website, they have a TON to offer for Keto Friendly options. I cannot wait to try more from this brand.

Shrewd Food Co – Dippers Dark Chocolate

My husband loves these! Again, I’m not a huge chocolate fan, like it really has to impress me. These are good, but not something I would reach for. They look like they should taste like malt balls, but they are super light and airy, they do have a great crunch!

Good To Go Snacks – Vanilla Almond

OMG one of the best soft baked bars I’ve ever had! I need more of these! Unfortunately these are pretty pricey, or they would already be on my monthly order as well! So so good!

Drink Super Coffee – Mocha

Here’s another.. this is just because I’m not a chocolate fan. I hate chocolate in my coffee especially. Coffee and chocolate do not go together…I know I’m probably alone on this one. That being said, the drink still had a great smooth taste, but I gave it to my husband who is not really a coffee drinker, he drinks it occasionally, and he loves chocolate in his coffee, go figure. Anyway, he loved it. I was intrigued though, like I said it was nice and smooth. Come to find out that this company also has coffee creamers and several other flavors of coffee. I’ve already been to the store and picked up some of their Hazelnut creamer and it has replaced my morning coffee routine! So good, super flavorful and I’m on the hunt for those other flavors!

Love Good Fats – Peanut Butter Chocolately

Not a fan. I wanted to like this one, I really did. While on my Keto journey I’ve tried 3 peanut butter chocolate type bars, haven’t liked any of them. Maybe I need to try a different flavor but I did not like this one.

Fat Is Smart Fuel – Salt & Pepper Pork Stick

Very good, nothing bad to say about this one! This is a great go-to snack stick!

ChocZero – Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Almost too pretty to eat. Delicious! I had to stop myself from eating the whole things in one sitting, again saying a lot. I told you chocolate has to impress me haha!

Better Than Good – Cinnamon Roll Protein Breakfast Puffs

SOOO Yummy! Great crunch, great taste, taste so good that you question if they are actually okay for the Keto diet! I will definitely be picking these up when I see them.

Simply Delish – Chocolate Pudding

I’ve not had the chance to make this pudding yet. I’m wanting to get a whipped topping to go with it, so I’ll be making soon and I’ll come back to give an update. I’m hoping it amazing because I want to try out their jello too!

Southern Recipes Small Batch – Pork Rinds

Great tasting pork rinds, I’m not huge on pork rinds, I love the taste just can’t get past the smell. These didn’t blow it out of the water for me but they were good, nothing bad to say!

Front Porch Pecans – Sea Salt

HOLY MOLY! The bag even says “probably the best tasting pecans you’ve ever had” oh man is that the truth! These are on my monthly order as I type!

WHEW! That concludes the box! So many goodies, I discovered so many new brands that I can use for my Keto journey. All in all, I loved my KetoKrate and I can’t wait for the next one!

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