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Typically I don’t paint my nails, I don’t go to the salon. My nails grow pretty good and I don’t have trouble with them breaking. So I usually let them grow and I shape them at home. Once they reach a certain length, I start over.

However, I do like them painted for special occasions and holidays. My is that I hate salons and I don’t have time anymore for the paint to dry.

I’ve only been to the salon once in my life and it was a terrible experience, I felt like I wasted so much time and money for literally nothing. I have a drawer full of nail polish but its becoming too much of a hassle for me to sit down and have the time to do it correctly.

I decided to try a press on nail set from the store. This did not go very well, they were very pretty, but they came off while I was sleeping!

That’s when I broke down and decided to give Red Aspen a try! They were having a sign up sale to be an ambassador, and when you sign up to be an ambassador, you make commission on sales, even on your own purchases. It’s a win win.

My first week of trying Red Aspen nails was literally one of the worst weeks of my life and my hands/nails were put through hell! Those nails lasted a week before one of them popped off without my realizing it, I still don’t know where that nail is! If I had found it, I would have glued it back on and should have been good for a few more days!

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